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Fordus's League of Legend Tips:

1) team composition

you could potentially beat a team that is more skilled than you, or more fed than you, if your composition is far stronger. the obvious example is if the other team had 5 sorakas, you would have a pretty big advantage because they would completely lack damage and diversity. what goes into good team composition is some things which are obvious, and some things which are complicated even beyond an average player's (like myself) understanding. but there are a few basic points to consider.

-you want to have some kind of mixture between physical damage and magic damage. this is fairly obvious. if you're all one type of damage, the other team has a significant advantage in being able to get a lot of whatever that resistance is to hugely mitigate your team's damage. an often big downfall of teams in solo que is that they somehow end up with only 1 person of a different damage type, and if that person gets underfarmed or focused right away in teamfights, the other team only has to worry about 1 damage type.

-you want to fill the important roles. you want at least one tank, someone that can initiate a fight, absorb damage, and posses some kind of mechanism (usually CC skills) that will prevent the enemy team from just ignoring you (a tank that is easily ignored is mostly useless). You want an "AP Carry" - someone who can deal a large amount of magic damage. You want an AD carry - someone who can deal a large amount of physical damage - usually ranged since that makes it easier for your team to protect you and there's an obvious benefit to having a ranged damage source for pushing and defending turrets. You want a jungler to maintain control of your jungle and allow your team to have 2 solo lanes.

Typically you want to round out your team with a support champion, usually who will babysit your ranged AD carry in the dual lane and later protect him/your other teammates in teamfights.

-you want your champions to ideally have synergy with each other, and you want to avoid conflicts. synergy would be something like a person having a large damage AoE ultimate - combining this with a champion like amumu or sona who can give an AoE stun can be very strong in grouped-up fights/situations. an example of avoiding conflicts would be how some champions require getting up close to use their abilities (for example udyr) and other champions require to be at a distant always because their abilities are long range and they're extremely squishy with no escapes (example would be lux). if you have a stark contrast of this, you can end up with a composition where your team is very easily separated and just like in every game and in life, allowing an enemy to divide and conquer you is an easy way to be defeated in battle.

-you want to make sure your laning phase is viable. this applies to draft mode where you can see what champions the other team will have. certain champions are very strong against others in lane, in the jungle, etc., and you don't want to end up in a situation where they have a huge advantage from the get-go that allows them to get ahead and snowball to victory. League of Legends is a very snowbally game. If the other team is up in kills, has gotten more dragons than you and/or has gotten baron, and has more turrets killed than you, it is often very difficult to come back and win. as you play more, you get a feel for what champions have a natural advantage against others. just as an example, Rumble is an extremely tough champion to lane against 1v1 top. You'd need like a warwick or nidalee to effectively deal with that without "losing" the lane (by losing the lane i mean getting zoned or having to play so defensive that you get heavily outfarmed). The alternative though is if you have a very strong jungler like nunu, he can gank lanes to compensate for this. this is part of the fun of LoL; the way all the champions interact allows for so much complexity and strategy.

2) gold

after mastering the fundamentals, a LoL game is essentially a battle over gold. last-hitting, farming lanes, dragon control. The more gold you have the better items you can get and the stronger you become. In the beginning of the game, this is very mechanical, it's about being able to last-hit. In an aggressive lane, it's about being able to last hit while avoiding harrassment and being able to harass enemy champions yourself. The point of harassment is to make it hard for the enemy laners to last-hit, because if they stay in lane to last-hit they get low enough to where either you kill them (if they're inexperienced players) or they're forced to go back to base, missing gold and experience.As the game progresses, your abilities improve and allow you kill minion waves, but towers also start dropping, so it becomes about being able to farm lanes without getting ganked. Wards are what allow this and they're always important, but become especially important at this stage of the game.The further the game goes on, the more important wards become. From mid-game, you need wards to keep vision and control over dragon and baron. Dragon gives a ton of gold to your team; it is worth about 2 or 3 kills I think. Usually, when high level teams play each other, eventually one team will pull a super-gank by putting 3 people on top lane to diver at tower. They kill your top laner and it may even be first blood ,and typically to compensate the other
team will make sure to take dragon and/or a turret.

3) turrets

killing turrets gets you closer to knocking down inhibitors, which helps you GREATLY in killing the other team's nexus, which is how you win.whenever you win a teamfight, or even just kill a couple of the enemies, you should ask yourself if there is a turret you can push/destroy. often, that is the best thing to do. there are exceptions; you don't want to risk having your team killed when they respawn, and sometimes getting baron will be better. but the bigger point is, make sure you do something productive after killing the enemy, if possible. i've played many games where we were up in kills like 40 to 15, but lost the game because after killing the enemy we'd just all go back to base shopping. you should only back if you absolutely need to.

4) buff control.

this applies to blue buff, red buff, dragon, and baron. keeping track of when they will spawn is huge. if never ward dragon, or even if you do ward it but end up having 2 people farming top lane for some reason right when it spawns, allows the other team to get it if they're there when you don't have your whole team there. same thing with baron. if baron is up and the other team is looking for opportunities to take it, your team has to be ready to get there at any time to contest it.


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