Guess's Ranked Tips

When you die, buy a ward always! If your laning and nobody dies (hopefully) port back get boots, 1-2 wards and some health potions. This WILL save you from deaths.

More to come....

  January 9, 2011 - Played as Leona  

Supporting as Leona me and Graves did very well vs Ali and the enemy Graves. We did get killed a few times by Skarner, they kept buying purples and killing our ward a times. Their graves was 3 levels below us as he got zoned out and died a lot. Ahri was killing our Kat mid pretty badly, she had 9 kills on kat pretty early game. Top was about a wash.

Our Poppy jungled and was VERY slow, we barely saw her it was 4vs5 for such a long time. She did very well once she finally emerged after laning phase. We took nearly all team fights, we took some loses here and there most when they started fights without Miss Leona! One of the last fights at their base at tower, a big fight engaged. Skarner charged in nad waited for Ahri and sword tossed to her and stunned her, Poppy followed me in and we killed her pretty quick. Our Kat died and Graves had to run as he was low and me and Poppy were left with 4 enemies about 1/2 health. We were about 1/2 too and we manged to kill them all for the Ace and Win! We were like 2 bricks not taking anyd damage.

  December 12, 2011 - Guess -- Played as Riven, Ominous as Brand, DaveSparks as Rammus  
  Ominous who said he was on a losing streak wanted to win one before he headed out for the night.
He invited the big guns Guess and DaveSparks to join his cause. Game started out with Ominous doing the bans then shortly we were under way.

Guess took top vs Renekton and Ominous faced vlad mid and the 2 randoms took bottom vs Ali and Nasus. We helped Dave on blue after he killed the big wolf then headed to our lanes. It was Ominous vs time vs Vlad middle so he concentrated on CS istead of wearing him at the start. There was fast lee gank at lvl 2 top, but I was able to dash away quickly. Lee came back about 30 seconds and tried again with no success. First kills were at bottom lane. Then Lee was sitting in the bush ready to gank top again, but it was warded.
I acted like I did not see him and kept him intererested he nearly ported him once so I moved up. Ominous and Dave came down the river and we sandwich lee before he could jump and and kill him and Ren just barely got away . About a minute later at level 4 me and ren battled and I finished him off with ignite. I killed twice again in the next few levels and began to zone him about. Lee had to come often help him, but Dave was ganking bottom and mid and we started racking up the kills. Just shortly after the 20 minute mark they surrendered and Ominous fell fast to sleep~~~
  September 21, 2011 - Guess -- Played as Riven  

Playing the new released champ here Rivan. She's far from OP and is about mediocer in her current state. I really didn't want to jungle this game but we had none and ppl were calling solo top and mid so I jungled. Kennen took mid who died 5 times farily quickly but also killed the enemy he was way overextended during laning phase. The bottom lane was where the action was lots of deaths both sides but it was even on both teams. I didn't get to gank much as Kennen died so much during the laning phase, I pinged and gave MF red buff each time it was up and Gragus blue buff to help their lanes.

They got baron early on us around lvl 14, we pushed bottom and got the 2nd inner bottom tower and they recalled to defend base tower. Team fights were chaotic with 2 MF ults going off and Ren was hurting pretty bad. We had good damage but we kept taking heavy losses as gragus was our only meaty person. They aced us during their Baron and got our mid base tower/inhib. I was trying to find a good role to help the team, I built randuins since they were all AD mostly. They were running past me and killing MF, then kennen and veigar.

They were going for their 3rd Baron so we decided to fight, sure enough Xin, Ren and Akali ran to MF in the back of the fight. I dashed to her and used my aoe stun nuke and Q-Q them twice and used Randuins, they were all stuck there and then turned to attack me. I used my dash and last Q to barely get away with 4 HP and MF ulted to make them retreat. nearly all dead. Xin flashed to kill me, but couldn't catch me and we finished them all. This happened about 3 more times before they surrendered. The last few fights we aced them and took 2, 1 then 0 losses. I oddly enough ended up playing a support type role but it worked for this match up though I was able to chase down MF and Xin a number of times for some nice killage!

  August 1, 2011 - Guess -- Played as Leona  
  Me and Caitlyn took bot vs Xin and Soraka. Xin was very aggressive and charge Caitlyn before I got my 1st stun. I used eclipse to put daylight on both of them and Cait got xin pretty low and Cait was low as well. We got first blood around lvl 3 and I don't think anyone really farmed much except for Cait much as we fought in the lane constantly by level 6 we had quite a few kills on them both and took down their tower. I went top for a bit while mord roamed a bit, this game was full of fights often. Suddenly a big fight broke up in the upper river. Cait was xin's target, I used zenith blade to pull myself to Xin and stunned him off giving Cait some distance. We pretty much won all team fights, we were at their base pretty quick around the 25 minute marker. 4 of us were at the lower tower and we charge the tower, we took 2 losses and they took 1 leaving it 2vs3. Then were pretty low but so were we, they killed Casseopia and I was left alone with xin, soraka and tryndemere. I started to run to the nearest bush, soraka who was the lower I saw in pursuit as well. I zenithed blade thru xin and tyrenrer to her and killed tyremree and soraka leaving me with xin. We were both near dead. I had enough mana for a eclipse/zenith bade combo and finished him off as well! Just when I about to rejoice, Brand respawns and combos me, I have about 2 HP left now. I did another combo on him for my final hurray before I died and Caitlyn arrives, then my Q stun but he got a spell out and I died, but he was about dead and Cait finished him off. We regrouped center and pushed mid tower and they surrendered after the final battle. I can't say enough about Cait, everytime I put someone into zenith stun lock, she was always there to delivery massive damage.  
  July 30, 2011 - Guess -- Played as Leona  

Been playing Leona this week, she is pretty awesome and underestimated a lot. Ashe wanted me top, she went bot with Soraka and Nid was mid. It turned out well for me, I was solo against Monkey King I wasn't sure what would happen, but I was able to harass him early and often and stopped him from farming and finally killed him at lvl 4 with a quick tower dive and flashed out. Jarv came over and held tower until he got back. I kept haraassing him as I was farming very nicely and teleported home and back and boots and philo stone. Twitch was wandering so I got a pink ward for the lane, but it was jarv who ganked me at 6 and ulted me from the bush but I was able to flash out without taking any damage at all. Monkey King was zoned out pretty good so he was never close to help on the ganks. It was the first time I got flash, I wanted to see if I could escape ganks with her better, the answer is YES. Around level 7, jarv and kat came up to gank me but I was able to escape with a quick stun to Kat's ult and walked away nearly full heatlh. Nid came up and Nunu while they were near our top tower. I speared kat, then ulted jarv and Kat and we were able to kill all 3. Nunu spent most of the game near bot as that lane had a little trouble. Pantheon and Twitch were 5-0 and 4-0 from bottom lane so they were the ones to watch.

A fight broke out mid and it looked pretty bad, we had a minion still alive, I teleported on them all just AS pantheon ported in, I ulted the area with a stun/slow and it pretty much turned the fight and we won the battle apart from the death before I got there. Monkey did get away, but died a few seconds later defending mid tower. My team was quick, every time launched in to stun, they were following me in.

I was up 5-0 very quickly after that and built sunfire and another chain armor as they were mostly DPS keeping my level 1 boots for a while. Leona has so much CC she can keep an enemy locked down for a little bit (her spear if it lands takes you to your target like amumu bandage toss).

After another skirmish at top tower, I ported home to finish Randuin's and Shurelya's. There was fight near mid in the river, kat was in a bush and i was chasing her, but she was JUST a hair out of my sword's throw range. Ashe somehow landed her arrow on kat's turn in the bush, I blindly sword's tossed and landed my combo on kat and we finished her off before she could jump.( I used my triple stun combo). At this point they were mostly running from us even defending towers with Soraka healing and Nid off healing it was a slaughter at this point and we never had any deaths once we grouped pushed, we could rush and kill them all. Nice having a good team!

  I actually did a good amount of damage, I was about the same as everyone else that game. Then looking at the 2nd image below, it was mostly magic damage.
Most players don't realize Leona's biggest power, its her passive that adds sunlight to enemy players (stackable 3 times and ONLY if your spells land on them for a few seconds) causing all other teammates to use the sunlight for up to 400 odd extra damage. Leona cannot use the sunlight just her teamates, this is why she is best always with a dps of some sort.
  July 18, 2011 - Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Udyr  
  Neither team had any sort of tank so it was me for our team since I was the only fighter .  
  July 1, 2011 - Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Garen  
  Not much to say, we ran over them everywhere.  
  June 30, 2011 - Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Udyr - Super Monster Carry Win  
  While the score looked close at end game, it was pretty one side for a while. Kass waas 0-7 and Nid was 1-6 and singed was 1-8 up until the last 16 minutes and I was 15-5. Those 3 kept popping up surrender boxes every few minutes. I felt pretty strongly we could still win. I was able to get a lot of early kills/ganks and could pretty much mow down anyone I found alone. Singed did a great job tanking and Ashe did a good job not dying. I took out Anniva first, then noc and Pantheon in that order in the last 15 minutes fo the game. We maybe only took 1 loss during each of the team fights and by the end their team was pretty much running. They did go for me a couple times but without any hard cc, I could turtle away unscathed. Thanks to whoever else hit no on the surrender box!  
  May 4, 2011 - Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Garen - Monster Carry Win  
  Eve started bot for 1 wave then roamed, we got some early kills vs Mundo and Ire bot lane. Eve roamed to top and mid and died nearly every gank. We never saw Shaco until lvl 13 he never left jungle. Every team fight was pretty much a slaughter, they all targetting me and I was well built I coulnd't die and we slowly got tower by tower and baron twice to win.  
  May 3, 2011 - Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Garen - Win  
  They had 4 AP so I knew if would be easy to tank if I needed to. Me and Ryze took bot, we harassed and zoned out Cho and Xin until they changed lanes. They did a few lane changes early game with mid and top also. In the early team fights I noticed they were going for me vs ignore and getting a squishy. I opted to build mostly tank once I saw I could get their attention. I initated most fights took the blows and amumu would flash in and ult leaving our DPS open to fire away. Most of them always went me except for Vlad he would run past and aim Ryze. I saved my silence for when he was running past me and silenced him before he could pool leaving him dead before silence wore off to pool. Brand is a good choice but he was gunning me so I didn't need to worry much about him. EZ was pretty good and killed Vlad a few times early game. I noticed after game Cho said the loss was because his team loved killngs tanks which I would have to agree with.  
  April 26, 2011 - Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Eve - Win  
  I saw Ashe on loading screen with NO flash. Yummm.. It was me and Malph vs Singed and yum Ashe. We killed Ashe at lvl 1 for first blood. More of the same all game, they got creamed pretty bad. Nexus down in 30 minutes and we went back and got Baron and came back. Malz tried to kill me once with his ult, but no go. He spent 2k gold on oracles and never even finished an item - not even boots, gg!  
  April 25, 2011 - Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Garen - Win  
  I took top vs Morde. I only got 1 kill on him, but I forced him back to heal 4-5 times and put him 2 levels under me. He stacked armor before he even bought boots. Our Akail DQ'd 4 times and died each time and was 0-4. She 1 kill and 2 assist during our Nexus push.  
  April 25, 2011 - Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Eve - Super Carry Win  
  I went bot with Mundo vs Garen and Annie. We racked up kills very quickly sending Garen into a rage quit after his 3rd death. I roamed from the rest of the game going bot duing the idle moments. Mundo did die a few times early as he was to high in the lane with WW coming down a few times. I played strictly as roaming eve most of the game, thus not even touching minions to show my where-abouts.  
  April 16, 2011 - Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Garen - Shocking Win  
  Wow.. Wow................... They ganked us near blue we only had 3 guarding. I died walking from top to bottom, malph wanted top t hough he was at bottom. Malph lost top at level 2!! We lost bottom at lvl 4. Middle was lost at lvl 5.. We were getting a series beatdown.... series.... It was GGx100 it was so bad. Something happened once we grouped at mid and we reached lvl 6-7. Malph ulted, I spinned 2 win, Sion bombed and they were nearly all dead. We started to get hope.. I went DPS build since Malph was tanking and they had a lot of squishies. Olaf went more tank so I needed to go DPS. We finally caught up in kills and as you can see ran way past them and they surrendered at 35 minutes after we issued our own beatdowns..  
  April 16, 2011 - Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Garen - Win  
  This game was over at lvl 3. We had racked over 10-0 in kills. I went bot with Eve vs MF and Malphite, at she got 3 and she roamed. She ganked top and mid and back to bot and everyone was ready when eve stunned. I never saw Nunu or Teemo the entire game as we were still in lanes, though we pushed up all the way to their base in every lane. Lux died near the end and she self acclaimed herself as a "feeder". Lux was just awesome, along with Eve I'm sure Teemo was just as good. Nunu never really came out of the jungle but didn't need him really.  
  April 16, 2011 - Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Garen - Win  
  very very BG for them. They got stomped from top to bottom until the 20 min surrender. They picked Malphite last which they probably told him to since they had no tanky person apart from Ren. Malphite wasn't good at all , me and Morgana laned against him and Cait. Our team was in synch everywhere on the map and each gank everyone landing their skills at the perfect time. Morg root, jarv flag popup, Garen silence = dead. It was so bad I felt sorry for them, but ty for the points!  
  April 12, 2011 - Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Garen - Win  
  A pretty odd win. We start out 4vs5 as our Teemo DQ'd before game started. They had no jungle so top and bottom lanes were both 1vs2. Jax as mid vs Caitlyn and Corkie was top vs Ren and Ira and I had Ryze and Leblanc. Rammus was jungle. Teemo did come back and went bot with me, he was only a few levels behind. Corki went 1-8 and Jax was 1-7 it looked like GG. Top went down and mid went down and they all forced mid. Rammus decided to get thornmail.. ... He lasted a few seconds each fight at the most without even rolling into them which our team was waiting for. Then I as superman dove into them, their carry's were fed big. I did what I could and spun out with usually a sliver of health, corki and jax cleaned up - this happened 3-4 times. They attempted to hide and gank in our forest, but teemo's mushrooms spotted them and they lost that team fight and they surrendered. We only had 2 towers down  
  April 11/12, 2011 - Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Garen - Win  
  I laned with Zil and he kept dying over and over. I was the only tanky person on the team and they were almost all AD apart from blitz and morgana but they didn't get any damage items. I got sunfire and thornmail after that they couldn't kill me. I opted to start buiding DPS, picked up ghostblad and a BF sword, I had 4k when I ported home. After that I was spinning through them like butter, nearly killing pantheon in 1 Q spin combo and taking everyone else below 1/2. I don't usually go DPS builds much but it was perfect against this team. Noc was really good despite his deaths and Nid was good also. Xin wasn't bad, but xin's tend to die a lot and Zil was feeding but we still managed. I always spun in first and they and always all stuck on me hence their chat after game. GG!  
  April 8, 2011 - Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Nasus - Win  
  I kept Cho in check on top and took both top towers. His team was dying all over and could not help him. 20 minute surrender for them.  
  April 8, 2011 - Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Garen - Win  
  I took bot lane with Blitz we faced Mundo and Cho. Blitz didn't really dodge mundo axes that well but killed them quite a few times. Eventually they had Irelia switch with Cho but it didn't seem to matter. WW ganked quite a number of times, usually killing blitz . I had 3 of dive me 3 times I tower hugged with a spec of health and survived barely after karthus running around tower with them chasing me, the tower finishing 1 off and I ulted the other when low and Malz came from mid to finish the 3rd. They were getting owned pretty bad all over, Mundo rage quit eventually at the 20 min market and they surrender a few seconds later.  
  April 7, 2011 - Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Garen - Win  
  Someone on our team said Kayle and Janna were going to duo mid before game. Ashe couldn't hold and Kass went mid and I roamed between bot and mid. Our WW was having connection issues but we probably could of won without him. Nobody on their team did much really and they surrendered when we go to their base.  
  April 7, 2011 - Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Garen - Win  
  Another quick win! I laned with Nid and asked if she wanted to steal rammus blue she said okay. Since he has no disable at lvl 1 its very little risk, we went in zil was just about to leave and we went toward rammus and tried to kill him he ran and zil ended up getting blue. So we had constant bombs in bottom lane for a little bit. But that set rammus back a lot, no buff and no XP for that. We pretty much steam rolled them, my deaths were tower diving to ace them at their inhib. It was worth it becase i said so.  
  April 6, 2011 - Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Garen - Win  
  Another game where their team appears much stronger. We pretty much steam rolled them front start to finish, nexus down in about 35 minutes again.
As their Corki said "I really liked our team too, but then we got dat steamroll"
  April 6, 2011 - Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Garen - Win  
  Going into the game our team looked pretty weak compared to their team. Kayle took top, I asked if she was okay solo she said yes. First wave of minions and Kayle dies top against Sion. I asked if she wanted me to go top she said she wasa okay. Me and Janna were doing real well on bot vs Blitz and Poppy, we got a few early kills on them so I wanted to stay. Suddenly Kayle dies again to a WW gank and minions are pushing top tower. I opt to port top and hold and Kayle spawned and went bottom. This turned our very well, I was lvl 5 and Sion only was lvl 6 so he wasn't to much higher than me yet. Kayle did very well bot with Janna and I was able to kill Sion.

Apart from the bad start with Kayle on top the game went very smoothly. We had a ward by dragon near bot and we could see 4 of them about to gank our bot 2. Jungle saw and they all went to the upper bush above bottom tower. I was top still and Sion ported home as he was almost dead again so they knew they would outnumber them on bottom. Luckily a ward was in far bush on top river and I ported into the bush just as they all wer just below the bush about to sneak down to gank them. My team was waiting in the bush so as they engaged I came down from the bush and joined the fight. They were a bit overwhelmed we saw them coming and they were all in the bush above the tower and we sandwiched them and killed 4 by the suprise element. Teemo was still mid and ported top as sion was only one up and pushing. Our teamwork was awesome with pretty much not a word said the whole game. Since they didn't get many kills, I opted to get a Brutalizer mid game so I would be much more of a threat. .
  March 29, 2011 - Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Garen - Win  
  I went top with Morgana vs Cho and Tyrnamere. We racked up 8 kills in about 8 minutes vs them. Their team was raging BAD. Their whole team was fighting on all how much their team sucked. They surrendered after we took down Inhib. just after 20 minutes.  
  March 28, 2011 - Guess, Etern, Fordus, Dave, Nano - Win  
  Etern rocked mid vs LeBlance while me and Ford battles Sivir and Teemo on bot. Pretty slow game only excitement was when dave died to a minion jungleling.  
  March 28, 2011 - Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Garen - Win  
  I chose Garen, then they chose Cho which was a mistake, Garen is a huge counter to Cho. I even changed up my masteries for magic pen(+9 in offense for him). Me and Morgana took top vs Malphite, we hit tower every minion push. Cho had to port home he was low and WW came out from jungle at lvl 3. We killed him, then Cho showed up and killed him also and took tower at lvl 6. Their team was mostly melee, I stacked armor and none of them could damage me much. Morgana and Ashe were really good. I got oracle and we pushed base until all inhibs down, waited for super minions and all 3 sides and easy win.  
  March 28, 2011 - Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Garen - Loss  
  Lots of interesting fights in this game. I went on 15 kill streak. We controlled early game very well going 10-0.. Then just before thge 20 min time vlad killed 3 mid, I'm pretty they would have surrendered. Me and Eve had 9 of the 10 kills within 6 minutes vs Cho and Teemo. Their team was raging. Then the game starting to go in there favor as time went by, around lvl 18 we split nearly every team fight. Once only me and Vlad survived we were both very very low < 500 HP. I'm guessing his ult was down also, we spent around 45 seconds circling trying to kill each other I go the final blow with abouu 40 HP left. He was not happy!.

Funny part is next team fight. nearly the SAME, everyone died but me, Vlad and Xin and Anniva. I was left alone in mid with Vlad again nearly the same HP again on us both. I didn't realize Xin was chasing Anniva into our base. Me and Vlad fought for about 30 seconds again and I just just killed him on my last Q. I ahd about 75 HP left.. I starting heading to base where Xin was in FRONT of me.. I'm like nooooooooooooooooo. He poked me with his Q, I ran past him and Q him just before his 3rd pop got me. I had about 4 HP left and my Q speeded me away just enough to make it back to base. Vlad was furious at Xin. lol.

Well the next team fights 2, then 3 of them survived giving them an edge until they finally won.
  March 21, 2011 - Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Carry Garen - Win  
  I laned with Ren who went 0-5 to start as we faced Sion and Xin. Everytime Ren died, I would at least kill one of them after he died so that evened out. Noc was owning Shaco. Shaco had never seen a Noc before. They had a strong early game push down the mid into our base. But at lvl 18 we took nearly every team fight. . Look at Xin's items. LOL  
  Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Garen - Win  
  Wow.. We took down 2 inhibs down in less than 20 minutes and were all in base. Surrender at 20 for them!  
  Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Garen - Win  
  March 19, 2011 - I took top with alistar vs Malphite who was solo. Alistar was auto attacking and pushing the lane up. . We killed Malphite at lvl 4 forcing Udyr to leave jungle and defend turrent. It wa already 1/2 down. We took the turrent at around lvl 7 and apart from Akaili their team fell fast every fight. Me and Jarvin marched mid yelling Damacia until they surrendered.  
  Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Garen - Win (Garen Carry)  
  Game started with Ashe solo top and me and Malphite bottom vs Cho and Morgana. We did really well racking up 13-2 in kills. Overzealous at top, they tower dived twice and it was all evened up. Suddenly they had Baron and charged mid and I died defending. They backed off and we we caught Cho and WW a few times walking around and killed them putting them iin bad spots. They pushed a few more times, they were all scrambled but pushing really well and panth and Cho were at our Inner Bot turrent to our base , we were all mid/top I teleported to turrent just as I ported in Ashe arrow hits them both they started to run and Cho arrived and we finished off both. I pushed up mid and they all jumped me from the side, I spun out of the first slows and Ashe's arrow stopped them from catching back up to me. Thanks Ashe!

We spotted one moving to our blue and we went to intercept and they were all in the bush. We had 5 as well - I went straight to silence Panth sending him running back, I spun in the middle of the fight. Everyone was low on both sides so I ulted Cho who was about 1/4 and I ulted finishing him off, Garen's ult is awesome on him I made sure to get him everyone time. I was about 60% still and my final spin killed Panth and WW for the triple kill. Morgana was almost dead along with Irelia and but my teammates fell as well. My sunfire was killing them as they were both running away, I thought Penta! When Karth ulted and finished them off :(

After that we marched mid and took them down and just went for the win.

  Guess as Garen, Featuring Snoop Dave as Zil and Snoop Fordus as Nunu - Win #798  
  I think this was the game we came back from all inhibs down, all I remember was Olaf stole baron on the outside throwing in the last axe hit!  
  Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Garen - Win  

I took bot with Ammumu right as the minions approached towers Sion DQ'd, Amumu ported home and held top. About minutes into the game sion came back and went bot with me. Within 5 minutes he was 0-4 as he kept rushing Cho and Ren. His stun came in handy though, I was able to kill them a few times with it. Apart from Sion everyone did well.

  Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Garen - Epic Win  

At the end of champion select, we pretty much agreed it was GG. They had Malphite, Jarvin, Vlad, Poppy, Annie vs Garen, Yi, Karthus, Kas, Jax. Game started out pretty bad, top and mid lanes fell fast and it looked bleak. I held bot with Jax and we got the only kills for about 15 minutes on Jarvin and Poppy. We were pushing lanes pretty well, keeping them all split up to avoid team fights. We were able to slowly gank them and catch up in kills after 35 minutes. Then we were forced to team fight and we prevailed every time. I was pushing bot lane when suddendy Kas, Yi, and Karth decided to get Baron with their team fully spawned. I ran over as soon as I saw that happen but their team got their first and a fight broke up. Jarvin was chasing them away and I came from the river to them and caught up and Silenced Annie and Malphite Ulted everyone and everyone died except me Me on our team, they were all low and I killed Annie, Jarvin and then Karthus ult killed off Poppy running away. I was pretty fed and nobody on their team could do any damage to me thus a quote from Karthus - "Garen's a F**ing monster!" I ported home and grabbed a second Warmogs then we pushed last bot tower/inhib and mid inhib and took top and they couldn't defend our damage any more and it was game over!


  Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Eve - Loss  
  Someone else wanted Garen so I choose Eve. Garen and WW q'd together. Worst team ever, Kennen died before minions reached lane. Garen medded top over and over.
MF was the only descent player. Kennen decided to go AFK after his 13th death at his rate he would of died 20+ times had he not. It was only me and MF playing until the end.
  Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Garen - Win  
  Me and Janna XP starved Zil and Ashe. They were several levels behind. GG  
  Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Garen - Win  
  Total domination, like MF said after we won "I have no idea what just happened" I told Xin he could ignore top as Cho was not that good so he primarly ganked mid and bot. We marched tower by tower and never challened us at any tower. Wolf did approach me while taking top tower, he popped in and was lvl 8 when I was 13. I tower dived him, silence, spin, Damacia - dead wolf!  
  Guess - Solo Rank 4x5 - Played as Garen - Win  
  Game starting off with Twitch feeding Shen before minions even spawned. Twitch continued to die 3-4 times within 10 minutes. He stayed stealth every team fight then left game. Once he left, we starting winning quickly winning every team fight despite being down 1 without any losses. They focused singed and me - GG .  
  Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Garen - Win  
  I took top vs singed and nid. Amumu helped ganked Nid early and when I reached level 6 I was able to run and kill nid. LeBlance had 20 stacks and was destroying everyone, it looked bad but once we went mid we won all team fights and wore them down bit by bit. Amumu MVP.  
  Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Garen - Win  
  me and nasus laned against tyr and singed. xin ganked top a few times, we ambushed them at the 20minute marker and they surrendered.
They only lost the 3 outer turrents.
  Guess - Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Garen - Win  

Annie and Ashe owned this game. Their team was better than the score indicated, it took us a long time to wear them down. Every time we pushed to much, they would nearly ace us. Finally we got down all inhibs and waited for all super minions to push base then attack and we finally won.

  Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Garen - Win  

Win 46
I took solo top vs Cho. Game started well Teemo got 4 kills quickly, then the game turned and mid and bottom were getting ran over I needed to stay in lane as Nasus and Cho were top. Annie was wrecking bottom lane badly and were taking the bottom turrent,, I faked a TP to the bottom turrent to hopefully make them run back but had to stay as Nasus and Cho would have taken top.

At level 10 I finally got the first kill on Cho in the lane but the other lanes were still crumbling fast, the team kill ratio was getting out of control.

They stormed our base several times and finally took out mid Inhib and it looked like game over.
Then as we were hitting lvl 18, we took nearly all the team fights and got some pushes. Me and Udyr initiated all team fights and I ran to the back and silenced Annie every time and made her around taking her damage out of the fight. We pushed and took out mid and bot inhibs then were killed and they pushed our base.
I was only one alive and held off Cho and Nasus and we got baren and stormed there base FTW..

Notes: I nearly died every team fight and survived with less than 100 HP about 5 times. Udyr was MIA for most the game and never helped bottom much, late game he did very well though. Teemo's mushrooms might have tipped the game in our favor as they were very well placed. Killed Shaco when he stole our blue once.
Poppy was the only one wrecking me somehow in that game, I had to run her around over shroooms to get the upperhand when I encountered her.

  Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Garen - Win  

Win #19 - Quick Recap

This game Tristina took mid who faced Akalai. I took top since Blitz said he wasn't confortable solo top.
Akali killed our mid Tristina 4 times early and got fed quickly. Blitz and Nasus held bottom pretty well.

I attempted to zone out Ashe top but her range and slow wouldn't let me do so. She had run/flash so every charge she escaped.
So I just had made sure she never killed by keeping minions just ouside of my turrent range so I could last hit.

Since only Akaili was fed our mid/late game was superior even though Warick and Tristina both were pretty fail nearly all game.
I was level 18 first since I was solo lane; this allowed me to run in first in every team fight and initiate without any danger of being killed.
My first goal was to silence Akaili then charge Ashe at the back of the team fight. This would drag 2-3 back and letting the team clean up then come up to me in the back.

Nasus did very well also and Blitz did okay.

  Solo Rank 5x5 - Played as Garen, Etern as Malazar - Win  
  Win #20 - Quick Recap  
  Aderaie takes top and Kyzzar and Scion defend bottom turrent. Malazar kept owning Mord top while Scion/Garen dominated Aniva and Jax.
Each lane held its own and they surrrendered before the laning phase ended.



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